Following new guidance from OSAA, the Klamath County School District is working to maximize the number of people who can attend our high school athletic events.

The new guidance for outdoor venues will allow for a specific number of spectators depending on the county’s risk levels. If the risk level remains moderate, we are allowed 150 spectators in each of our designated spectator areas at our outside venues. If the risk level increases to high, the number of spectators allowed per area drops to 75. Each of our venues have different capacities based on space and available facilities.

Please note:

  • We will NOT be charging admission to our games and contests this school year.
  • Each school will determine how they distribute tickets for spectators at their events. Please contact your school or check your school’s website and social media accounts for details. Our schools also are live-streaming sport events on YouTube and Facebook
  • Capacity limitations are determined by county risk level and venue location
  • Fans must maintain 6-feet of physical distance and wear masks
  • Fans will be restricted to designated areas
  • If you show up without contacting your school or without a ticket, you may not be able to enter the venue.

“Our focus is to let in as many spectators as we can safely get into our facilities,” said Steve Johnson, KCSD athletic director and safety officer. “We’re working on setting up an equitable system for distributing tickets. If you just show up without contacting your school you may not be able to enter the facility to watch the game.”

Thank you for your patience during this time. Link to the latest OSAA update: