March 22, 2021, Klamath Falls, Ore. – Financial news and opinion company, 24/7 Wall St., has released its 2021 report of the Most Affordable Colleges With Best Outcomes in Every State, and Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) is noted as the highest value for your dollar of any college or university in the state of Oregon.

Oregon Tech’s No. 1 ranking is a result of 24/7 Wall St. using data from the U.S. Department of Education. To determine the best outcomes in every state, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed a range of data at over 6,800 colleges and universities, including tuition costs, graduate employment rates, student debt repayment and median salary after enrollment, to identify the most affordable colleges with the best outcomes in every state. Universities were only considered for the list if they primarily grant bachelor’s degrees and have at least 1,500 undergraduates enrolled as of fall 2018.

Founded in 2006, 24/7 Wall St. is an independent financial news and opinion website. Based on Media Bias/Fact Check, reporting from 24/7 Wall St. is Least Biased based on balanced editorial perspectives. They also rate them High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing and a clean fact check record.

Recently, Oregon Tech also ranked No. 45 of the 50 Best Value Public Colleges in America by news magazine, Newsweek’s ranking of public schools prospective students can apply to that will allow them to maximize their educational potential.