Klamath Falls City School’s Community Person’s of the Year for 2021 are Don and Connie Mausshardt. Mr. and Mrs. Mausshardt have worked closely with Tom Collier from Bend to get school supplies for needy students in our district. It is not unusual for Don and Connie to make special trips to Bend to pick up and bring back learning materials that have been critical to many students in our schools. They have a heart for those most in need in our schools and, with Mr. Collier, have shown this through their donations of thousands of dollars in classroom materials over the years. They are a tremendous example of how one generous couple can make a great difference in the lives of many students.

Don and Connie met on a blind date in 1962 in Burlingame CA where Connie was stationed while flying for TWA as a stewardess. Don had just returned from the army stationed in Paris France.

In 1965, 56 years ago Connie and Don Mausshardt came to Klamath Falls. Don, working on computer modeling for water quality on the Lost River and Connie taught second grade at Fairview Elementary School. Living initially at the Union Manor apartments on Washburn Way they built a home on Loma Linda. Their two children were born in Klamath Falls.

After moving from Klamath Falls the Mausshardts’ found themselves in Honolulu for 2years, Walnut Creek for 4 years and McLean Virginia. Don’s career as an engineer led him, to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Prior going to Washington Don was selected for the Presidential Executive Exchange assignment. He also served as a Research Associate at Virginia Tech, spending 23 years in Washington DC and holding political positions under Presidents Ford, Carter and Regan. After leaving government service in 1987, he joined Kaiser Engineers and served as the east coast manager for building a submarine base in Georgia plus several large projects in Washington D. C. He was inducted in to the Hall of Fame at Oregon State University in Engineering. Don created a consulting firm providing services to both minority owned businesses and large firms. He supplied technical expertise from semi-retired professionals from around the county to provide needed technical skills and mentoring to these businesses. While in the Washington D.C. area, Connie obtained her Masters Degree in Special Education from Marymount University. She taught 3 years in a preschool and 14 years serving as a Special Education Teacher for Dyslexic students.

When thinking about where to live in the country upon retirement, they both agreed that they wanted to come back to Klamath Falls. Their fond memories and deep friendships during their time here in the 60’s brought them back in 1998. Over these past 23 years Connie has contributed to our community through her volunteer work with the Klamath Falls Assistance League, Paul’s Place at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and Ross Ragland Theatre’s Board of Directors. Don has been active serving in the Klamath Falls Rotary Club, YMCA Board of Directors, and Oregon Institute of  Technology’s Foundation Board, the Klamath Falls Boy Scouts, and currently is active on the Klamath County Museum Board and for the past 20 years served OSU College of Engineering for Nuclear Science & Engineering Advisory Board. Their meeting with Tom Collier at a Rotary awards luncheon led Collier to a relationship with the Klamath Falls City Schools. Their service, impact and contributions to our community are generous and far-reaching. Don and Connie are members of St. Pius X Catholic Church.

“We are honored to recognize our Community People of the Year, Don and Connie Mausshardt. Our district is very fortunate to have such willing helpers in our community that help us provide a quality and safe education for each of our students. Thank you, Don and Connie,” states Superintend Paul Hillyer.