Mobile Alerts Available On The Go From Klamath Alerts

As we enter into an already busy and early fire season, we would like to remind everyone of our available mobile alert options.

Our free news feed is available direct to your mobile device via Telegram. The free Telegram app works on Apple, Android, smart watches, and tablets. A notification is sent each time a new article is posted to our website.

Free Telegram News Feed:

Our premium subscription based breaking news service via Mighty Networks alerts you to real time incidents involving police, fire, weather, and other breaking news stories. App users can select the type of alerts they would like to receive based on alert categories. For more information please visit our subscription page. Our Mighty Networks subscribers also have access to our premium urgent alert feed on Telegram.

Our website located at is also a good resource for up to date information on breaking news. The website is mobile ready and can be bookmarked directly to your device home screen for easy access.

Our alerts work without depending solely on social media algorithms which may delay or prevent you from seeing timely information.