On Thursday, April 15th, at approximately 10:52 p.m., members of the Klamath Falls Police Department responded to 2660 Shasta Way, the High Lakes apartments, on a report of gunshots being heard in the area. Officers arrived and discovered Nathan Robbins, a 41-year-old male, had been shot in the abdomen. The victim was transported to Sky Lakes Medical Center, where he was treated for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.  Investigators obtained information from Mr. Robbins that there had been a separate incident prior to the shooting. Mr. Robbins reported the suspects attempted to run him over earlier in the evening in the 3000 block of South 6th Street, while driving a black Jeep Cherokee. Investigators located video in the 3000 block of South 6th Street that confirmed a portion of Mr. Robbins’ statement, as well as provided a better vehicle description.

Officers searched the area for the suspects who were reported to have driven away from the scene in the black Jeep Cherokee. Officers canvassed the surrounding area, and searched for Jeep Cherokee throughout the evening, but were not able to locate it.

On April 16th, Officers responded to a reported an abandoned black Jeep Cherokee parked in a business parking lot. The abandoned vehicle matched the description of the vehicle seen in the video from the 3000 block of south 6th Street.   Through further investigation, James Henry Wilson and Robert William Edwin Metcalfe were developed as suspects.

On April 17th James Wilson was located walking in the 2500 block of Wiard Street, where he was taken into custody without incident.  Robert Metcalfe was located at 2838 Crest Street; he was also taken into custody without incident.  The firearm used in this incident was also located and recovered by Investigators.

This investigation is ongoing.  If you have information that can assist with this investigation, please contact the Klamath Falls Police Department at 541-883-5336, or call the anonymous tip line at 541-883-5334.

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