KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Disposal of prescription drugs can be difficult. Annually, the Drug Enforcement Administration sponsors a “take back” day, which was Saturday.

There will be another “take back” day in October, but local residents don’t need to hold on to unused or expired prescriptions. Year-round drop-off kiosks are available at:

  1. Klamath Open Door
    2074 S 6th St., Klamath Falls
  2. Klamath Tribal Health Pharmacy
    330 Chiloquin Blvd., Chiloquin
  3. Sky Lakes Outpatient Pharmacy
    2865 Daggett Ave., Klamath Falls
  4. Sky Lakes Downtown Pharmacy
    211 North 8th St., Klamath Falls

Tablets, capsules, patches, and other solid forms of prescription drugs are accepted at the kiosks. Liquids (including intravenous solutions), syringes and other sharps, and illegal drugs are not accepted. Vaping devices and cartridges are accepted at drop off locations, provided lithium batteries are removed.

Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issue, leading to potential accidental poisoning, misuse, and overdose. Proper disposal of unused drugs saves lives and protects the environment.

During the 16th National Take Back Day in October 2018, the latest year for which there is data, Pacific Northwest residents from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska turned in 35,416 pounds (over 17 tons) of unwanted or expired medications at 209 Take Back sites.

For questions about medication disposal sites or the lifesaving drug, Naloxone, reach out to Miranda Hill, mhill@klamathcounty.org, or 541-882-8846. More information at www.DEAtakeback.com