BONANZA, Ore.— Overnight, detection operations were conducted by numerous methods including a drone, a fixed-wing airplane, and ground-based crews, all equipped with infrared heat detection equipment. These are just some of the tools that fire managers are using to ensure the Cutoff Fire is contained.

There has been no fire growth in the past 24-hours.  Firefighters have shifted their attention to the mop up process.  Mop up consists of intentionally identifying hot spots that could threaten the fire line and extinguishing them. Last night’s infrared detection resources have given firefighters detailed information on where many of these hotspots are.

Firefighting traffic remains heavy in the fire area.  Fire managers ask that other traffic in the area stay aware and reduce speeds as they share the roads with firefighters. Fire managers would also like to remind people that hazards remain in and near the fire area, including fire-weakened trees, stump holes filled with hot ash and other hazards.

Forecasts call for temperatures in Klamath County to soar headed into the weekend, reaching at least 100 degrees by Sunday. Fire managers are reminding firefighters to drink plenty of water to avoid heat-related illnesses.

A Level 2 (GET SET) evacuation recommendation remains in effect for the area east of Bly Mountain Cutoff Road, between Jaguar Lane/Raccoon Lane and Spaniel Lane/ Crocodile Lane, west of Thrasher Drive. A Level 1 (GET READY) evacuation notice is in place for other areas.

ODF Incident Management Team 1’s Deputy Incident Commander Eric Perkins praised firefighters today for their work in this phase of the operation. “About 70 percent of what we do as wildland firefighters is put out hot spots near a fire’s edge. It’s not glamorous work but it’s important.”