Sprague River Area: Two new fire starts in Klamath County keep fire crews busy on Saturday

Drews Fire: The Drews Fire was first reported at about 2pm Saturday and is currently listed at about 37.5 acres as of last update yesterday afternoon. The fire required evacuations and has burned some structures according to early reports. The fire appears to be under control and there are no evacuation orders currently listed.

Cooks Fire: The Cooks Fire was discovered shortly after the Drews Fire started and is currently listed at 13.9 acres. This fire also required some evacuations, but there are no current evacuations for this fire as of this morning. According to the best information available to Klamath Alerts at posting time, this fire also largely appears to be under control this morning with little growth over last night.

Cooks Drews Fire

Above: Approximate location of the Drews and Cooks fires

Above: Approximate location of Cooks Fire. Located just northwest of Rich Pine Lane.

Drews Fire

Above: Drews Fire approximate location

As of Sunday morning, no additional fire information has been released.

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