Due to the extreme drought conditions Klamath County is facing we’re asking people to forgo individual fireworks this July 4th due to the extreme fire danger we face. We wanted to remind people that the consequences can be severe.

If you start a fire that damages property:

  • Criminal citation for reckless burning
  • Civil Responsibility for property damage as well as costs associated with fighting the fire. These can quickly reach $100,000.00 for small fires.

As a reminder, in 2018 an Oregon judge ordered the person who started a 47,000 acre fire with fireworks to pay more than $36 million in damages.

According to numbers provided by the South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership (SCOFMP), so far in 2021 we have experienced more than 140 wildfires that have burned in excess of 6000 acres. This has resulted in seven Level 3 (GO NOW) evacuations just since late March in Klamath County.

In recognition of the extreme danger this year the Oregon State Fire Marshal has positioned two Oregon Department of Forestry task forces in Klamath County. These units come from Clackamas and Clatsop Counties and will be here through the holiday weekend at a substantial cost.

We want to remind people that the penalties for recklessness can be severe. Don’t take that chance, save your fireworks for New Years!