Lakeview, OR – The Lake County Airport ran out of Jet A fuel July 11, 2021. Several surrounding airports also ran out of Jet A fuel and turned to the Lake County Airport for support. The Airport Manager had put in an order July 5, but because of a national shortage, the Lake County Airport was unable to get fuel until today.
The Lake County Commissioners and Emergency Manager were made aware of the issue early Monday morning. They immediately took action looking for Jet A fuel in order to prevent an impact to wildfire initial attack and air ambulance operations at the Lake County Airport. The Emergency Manager contacted Oregon Emergency Management and the Oregon Military Department to request fuel from state and federal resources. The Lake County Commissioners contacted State Representative E. Werner Reschke and the Department of Energy in an effort to find fuel for the Airport. The team made countless phone calls and sent emails to regional suppliers, airports and many other sources trying to fill the immediate order.
A State of Emergency was also declared Monday to facilitate access to regional and state support for depleted resources, as well as requesting additional resources for the Bootleg Fire.
A total of 3,500 gallons of Jet A was delivered from Ocean Air in Klamath Falls today. The County’s supplier Phillips 66 will bring an additional 8,500 gallons of Jet A fuel Friday. Lake County is not anticipating any further supply chain shortages.
Please check the following Bootleg Fire Information for updates and evacuation information: Bootleg Fire Information Fire Information Public Phone: 541-482-1331 Fire Information Media Phone: 971-727-7255