We greatly appreciate the support and generosity of the community! Our team’s focus is on fire suppression and our number one priority is firefighter and public safety. Our wildland fire crews are well equipped and cared for, we provide them with all the food and supplies they need. 

We are unable to accept any donations at fire camps. 

For those asking how they can help support our efforts, here are a few ideas:

1. Keep firefighters safe by adhering to road and area closures and by creating defensible space around your home. Learn how to create defensible space at http://firewise.org.

2. Post “Thank You” banners or signs in the community and on social media. This is a great morale booster for firefighters after a long shift and many of our crews are working throughout the night when, under these extremely hot and dry conditions, it is actually safer!

3. Though we cannot accept donations of food, beverages or clothing, we can accept pre-stamped post cards for firefighters to send home to spouses or children and this small gesture has wide reaching effects.

4. Volunteer for or donate to your LOCAL fire departments. Call first to find out what they need.

5. If you are looking for ways to assist communities affected by the fire, look to local disaster response organizations, such as American Red Cross.

6. And finally, consider a donation to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. This non-profit group provides immediate support to the families of injured or deceased firefighters and provides the lifeline that many families need.

Thank you again for your support and engagement. #FireYear2021#52WeeksWeRemember