A firefighter became separated from his crew while working on the Bootleg Fire in Lake County today.  The incident occurred when the fire crew was working on containing spot fires in the Happy Camp area. 

Crew members reported the individual as missing at 6:30 pm.  The Zone 1 Incident Management Team immediately initiated a search mission. Incident aircraft and other resources were dispatched to help with the search. An incident helicopter spotted the firefighter at 8:20 pm but could not locate an adequate landing zone. Another firefighting crew joined in the search and located the separated firefighter. Lake County Sheriff’s personnel also responded to the area and assisted with the search operation and extraction of the individual. The Rapid Extraction Module (REM), a highly skilled and specially equipped team used to provide emergency medical services and extraction to firefighters on the line, was dispatched to the area and assisted in the transport.  

The firefighter was in good spirits and was able to hike to the road to a waiting ambulance.  Medical personnel transported the crew member to Lakeview Hospital for further medical evaluation.