Lakeview, OR – Evacuations. Evacuation level boundaries are being decreased in Lake County for the Bootleg Fire due to increased fire containment in Quartz Mountain area. The other evacuation levels will remain the same until further notice. Lake County utilized its alerting system to notify residents in the affected areas. 

This evacuation notice only applies to the Quartz Mountain area from the FS 34 Road near Mitchell Monument to Highway 140 East. 

Level 3 – GO NOW!

From 1 mile from Sprague River on the county line, east to Bear Flat, continuing to Dairy Point.

Level 2 – Be Set

From one mile south of the South Fork Sprague River, on the county line, south to Owen Butte, east to Quartz Valley Mountain, northeast to upper Coleman Rim. 

Level 1 – Be Ready

From lower Coleman Rim north Highway 31, north to Owen Butte, east to Quartz Valley to the FS 28 Road. 

These evacuations extend and/or change the currently implemented levels. The most effective method for viewing current evacuation levels is by using the link to the interactive map below.

Evacuation maps are also posted in and shared with community gathering places throughout the fire evacuation areas by incident management team staff. Remember that: 

·        Level 1 evacuation means “BE READY” for potential evacuation. Be aware of danger in your area and monitor emergency services websites and media outlets for information. Prepare yourself and belongings for evacuation and consider movement of persons with special needs, mobile property and pets and livestock. 

·        Level 2 evacuation means “BE SET” to evacuate. Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice; there is a significant danger to your area. Residents may voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area. You may have time to gather necessary items, but doing so is at your own risk.

·        Level 3 evacuation means “GO NOW” – leave immediately! Danger is current or imminent. If you choose to ignore this advisement, understand that emergency services may not be able to assist you further. DO NOT delay to gather belongings or make efforts to protect your home.

Evacuation shelters are located at the following locations: The Thrive Church (235 S Laguna St.) in Klamath Falls, and La Pine Middle School (16360 S 1st St.). 

Fire Information. Find the latest fire information, which is published by the Bootleg Fire Incident Management Team, via the links below. 

Fire Information Public Phone: 541-482-1331

Bootleg Interactive Evacuation Map:

Inciweb Incident Information System:

Facebook Page:

Lake County Website/Facebook Page: and