LAKEVIEW, Ore. – Both fires in the Fox Complex, the Patton Meadow and Willow Valley Fires, were officially contained this week and are currently in patrol status using local resources.

The Patton Meadow Fire remains the most active and visible in the complex following containment.  Firefighters mopped up 300 feet around the edges, but due to terrain challenges the interior still has smoldering and creeping fire.  Smoke from the fire will be visible in the area until winter snows.

The Willow Valley Fire located near the Oregon-California Stateline and the Patton Meadow Fire west of Lakeview were both started by lightning on August 12.

This is the final update for the Patton Meadow and Willow Valley Fires unless there is a significant change in activity.

Area residents and visitors are reminded that the fire danger remains Extreme and Public Use Restrictions are in effect throughout the SCOFMP area.  Please visit to verify the restrictions for the landscape you plan to work or recreate on.  Everyone is asked to be careful with anything that could spark a wildfire and to report suspected wildfires immediately by calling 911.