North of Garner Mountain and Mount Hoffman; West of the Siskiyou Modoc County Line; South of Canby Cross; East of Dorris, Sheep Mountain and Cedar Mountain. Includes Stateline Road/Hwy 161 east to Hill Road, West of Hill Road, Lava Beds National Monument, Dorris Brownell Road, Willow Creek and Red Rock Road, Robison Road, Long Prairie, Davis Road.
If you are in this area please leave immediately.
South of Dorris, East of Hwy 97 and Old State Hwy, North of Tennant Road, West of Sheep Mountain and Cedar Mountain. This Includes Red Rock Road. This does not include within the city limits of Dorris.
If you are in the area please be ready to evacuate if this becomes an order.
An EVACUATION ORDER has been issued for the Medicine Lake Area due to the Antelope Fire. This location includes west and north of Medicine Lake Rd, North of 44N17, Southeast of Nat’l Forest Rd 77.