General Updates: The Cougar Peak Fire’s southern edge is approximately 15 miles northwest of Lakeview and the most northern flank has crossed over Clover Flat Rd.  

Early this morning, the fire area and most of South Central Oregon were subject to a band of moisture that moved northward from California. The fire area continued to receive significant rain fall throughout the day as thunderstorms moved through.  

The moisture has allowed firefighters to make significant progress on anchoring the fire on the southeast corner. Three dozers constructed line on the southern and eastern flanks today toward the north as a dozer and hand crews worked south from Cox Creek. Resources are focusing on working as close to the fire’s edge as possible. As fuels dry, crews will burnout the areas to create secure containment lines. Engines and crews continued to mop up both the containment lines and area around structures throughout the fire area. The western edge of the fire is burning through some snag patches of a previous burn. Firefighters continue to scout the area for containment opportunities.  

The increase in moisture and minimal five activity today gave resources safer entry into drainages on the eastern side of the fire area. OSFM resources continued the evaluation and protection of property, working into areas they could not access during yesterday’s extreme fire behavior. In Clover Flats where multiple ranches reside, contingency lines were completed and mop-up operations continued to better secure the area.  

Tonight, four tasks forces consisted of 20 engines and 4 water tenders will continue working throughout the night, mopping up and protecting structures. 

Behavior:Anticipated fire spread will be minimal throughout the night, as humidity is expected to recover to 70-90%, and temperatures will dip in to the 40’s.  As the temperatures ease back into seasonal norms, fire behavior will likely increase over the weekend.  

Acreage: 83,339  

Containment: 0% 

Cause: Under Investigation

Fire Information: (541) 900-5788 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 


Information Websites: 

Facebook: “Cougar Peak Fire 2021” 


Air Quality: 

Weather: The focus for showers and thunderstorms shifts northeast this evening, with dry conditions returning tonight and lasting into next week. Light winds tomorrow afternoon may cause smoke to push southeast, blowing smoke into the Lakeview area. 

In some years, the amount of rain we have received at this time of year could be considered a season ending event. This season, however, is not a typical season. This area is in its second consecutive year of drought and entered this fire season in the highest classification of drought measure possible. Likewise, fuel moistures have been at or near record lows for most of the year. Just as today’s rains will not fill our empty reservoirs, it will also not automatically bring an end to this fire season. 

The next week will bring sunny skies back to the area and the critically dry fuels will respond rapidly to the solar radiation. The primary carriers of the fire in timbered areas are the kindling sized branchwood and conifer needles and will be capable of moderate fire spread within a few days. The grass component will be capable of carrying fire within a few days as well. There is a lot of fire on the landscape and still a lot of potential as well.  

Resources-694: 1 – type 1 hand crew3 – type 2 IA hand crews, 11 – type 2 hand crews, 2- cap crews, 3 – heavy lift helicopters, 2-medium lift helicopters, 1 – light lift helicopter, 64 engines, 10 dozers, 19 water tenders, and 2 masticators. 

Evacuations: Multiple Evacuation Levels have been issued by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. See this link for entering a specific address in the upper right corner in this interactive map: 

See the website and Facebook for a full description of the evacuation levels. Link is below. 

Temporary Flight Restrictions: A Temporary Flight Restriction is in place over the Cougar Peak Fire. Please consult the Notice to Airman for specifics.  

Red Cross Evacuation Shelter: The Lakeview shelter and planned emergency shelter in LaPine will both be on standby starting Saturday. If the need arises, staff are available to reopen the shelter.  

Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. If you fly, we can’t.Whenever a drone is spotted near the fire, all aircraft are grounded until we can be sure the drone is clear of the area. For more information, visit

An average of 85% of fires in the Pacific Northwest are started by humans. Please continue to do your part and be fire aware, know fire restrictions in areas you are visiting and practice safe summer outings! #OnlyYouCanPreventWildfires 

For the latest restrictions and regulations, including Oregon Department of Forestry and federal agencies, visit Make sure toKnow Before You Go.