Lakeview Ore. – The rain event continued to drop varying amounts of rain over the fire yesterday morning. There was not enough rainfall to thoroughly wet all the drought stricken fuel, as large fuels across the fire area continue to smolder and put up smoke. The higher humidity levels gave firefighters a chance to continue mop-up and direct attack work.

The rain does bring some issues as well.  Crews are extra cautious driving and snag trees are now falling due to wet ground and fire damaged roots. Fallers and equipment will be cutting snag trees out of roadways and areas crews are working in throughout the day.

Thanks to the rain and the hard work of the firefighters, Lake County Sheriff’s Office has reduced the evacuation zones. Please see the evacuation information below.

Today, mop-up continues on the eastern side of the fire, with crews working deeper into the fire area. This work secured containment lines and allowed for an increase in the percentage of containment. Crews will also be patrolling for hot spots and beginning fire repair work across the fire area.

While the western edge has been tested with the winds the last few days, there are still some areas of concern that crews will continue to monitor and, if needed, aggressively attack any spot fires or hot spots. Firefighters are taking advantage of the current high humidity to secure more containment lines.

BehaviorAs the lighter fuel models dry out, and temperatures increase throughout the day, the relative humidities will again be dropping into the 20% range. Fire activity will increase with lighter fuels drying,

; heavy fuels, stump holes, and duff under thick canopy will continue to burn.

Today‘s Operational update, by Operations Section Chief Rod Bonacker, can be found on the “Cougar Peak Fire 2021” Facebook page.

 Acreage: 90,784

Containment: 42%

Cause: Undetermined

Fire Information: (541) 900-5788 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm)  


Information websites:  

Facebook: “Cougar Peak Fire 2021” 


Air Quality:

Weather:  Isolated showers are expected mainly before noon. Only a few more hundredths of rain is expected. Otherwise, cloud cover will gradually diminish through the afternoon. Cool and stable conditions are expected over the fire area today, with highs only reaching the 50s in valleys. Gusty southwest ridgetop winds will slowly diminish through the day, becoming northwest by 6 PM. Relatively calm and cold conditions are forecasted tonight, with a hard freeze possible in sheltered valleys and Goose Lake Valley.

Resources-12703 – type 1 hand crews5 – type 2 IA hand crews, 27 – type 2 hand crews, 4 – camp crews, 3 – heavy-lift helicopters, 2 – medium-lift helicopters, 2 – light lift helicopter, 47 – engines, 20 – dozers, 32 – water tenders, 2 – masticators, and 10 – skidgines.

Evacuations: Lake County Sheriff’s Office evacuation levels changed yesterday.  There will still be Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 evacuations in and around the Cougar Peak Fire. For further information please see:

Lake County website 

Lake County Facebook    and an interactive map:

Temporary Flight Restrictions: A Temporary Flight Restriction is in place over the Cougar Peak Fire. Pleaseconsult the Notice to Airman for specifics.

Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. If you fly, we can’t. Whenever a drone is spotted near the fire, all aircraft  are grounded until we can be sure the drone is clear of the area. For more information, visit

For the latest restrictions and regulations, including Oregon Department of Forestry and federal agencies, visit  Make sure to Know Before You Go

While most of Oregon had some wetting rain yesterday, it was not enough to be a season-ending event for wildfires.  The trees and even the grasses are still extremely dry. The chance of ignition on most fuel models is still around 70%.  Please don’t park a vehicle on dry grass. Check ahead of time for permitted activities if you plan to be in recreation areas.