Lakeview Ore. – The precipitation from past days and cooler weather have helped firefighters make great strides toward containment of the Cougar Peak Fire. Resources continue to mop-up as large fuels across the fire area continue to smolder and put-up smoke. Suppression repairs to dozer line berms and backhaul of equipment has started in contained areas across the fire.

Yesterday, crews worked to finish line construction on the south-western side and continued mop-up. Along the western edge fire, managers continue to assess options for line and mop-up along the 3910 road. There is still a fair amount of heat in the area and as the humidity continues to drop, and temperatures rise, expect to see more smoke. Firefighters will continue to spend a considerable amount of effort along the western edge.

On the north end of the fire, along the sage and grasslands where access by vehicle is difficult, fire crews walked and cold trailed the line. Very little heat was found. Along the eastern edge down to the southeast corner, mop-up and suppression repairs continue.

Today, crews continue mop-up and are on the lookout for hot spots. Crews are using extra caution looking for weakened standing or leaning snag trees.  Fallers and equipment are cutting down snags and hazard trees close to the roadways and in areas firefighters are working.

Safety is the primary concern on any incident. Resources on the Cougar Peak Fire have done an extraordinary job keeping an exceptional safety record. Thank you to all the firefighters and keep up the good work!

Behavior: Suppression actions have greatly reduced the chances of seeing extremely active fire behavior.  Warm and dry conditions may allow areas of unburned fuels to pick up in activity, and torching is possible. The potential for active fire behavior is increasing from what we have seen the last few days.  

Today’s Operational update, by Operations Section Chief Rod Bonacker, can be found on the “Cougar Peak Fire 2021” Facebook page.

Acreage: 91,392

Containment: 49%

Cause: Undetermined

Fire Information: (541) 900-5788 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm)


Information websites:

Facebook: “Cougar Peak Fire 2021”


Air Quality:

Weather: A considerable warming and drying trend will continue today as high pressure builds over the region. Relative humidity is 12-16% in the valley and ridgetops are 15-20% with a 0% chance of rain. Temperatures are expected in the mid to upper 70s. Winds will shift around from the south-southwest and increase this afternoon along ridgetops. In the valleys, light downslope winds transition to upslope/up valley in the afternoon. Along the ridgetops, light south winds this morning will transition to southwest and slightly increase with gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon. A strong inversion will lift in the late morning or early afternoon.  A few high clouds are expected late in the afternoon.  

Resources-11703 – type 1 hand crews, 5 – type 2 IA hand crews, 25 – type 2 hand crews, 4 – camp crews, 1 – heavy lift helicopter, 2 – medium lift helicopters, 1 – light lift helicopter, 39 – engines, 13 – dozers, 26 – water tenders, and 8 – skidgines.

Evacuations: Lake County Sheriff’s Office evacuation levels changed on Sunday,  September 19, 2021.  There will still be Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 evacuations in and around the Cougar Peak Fire. For further information please see:

Lake County website

Lake County Facebook and an interactive map:

Temporary Flight Restrictions: A Temporary Flight Restriction is in place over the Cougar Peak Fire. Please consult the Notice to Airman for specifics.

Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. If you fly, we can’t. Whenever a drone is spotted near the fire, all aircraft  are grounded until we can be sure the drone is clear of the area. For more information, visit

For the latest restrictions and regulations, including Oregon Department of Forestry and federal agencies, visit  Make sure to Know Before You Go

After the latest rainstorm and cooler conditions, some Oregon State Parks have lifted campfire bans. Please continue to check restrictions to areas you are visiting for current fire restrictions. Wildfire is still a risk because of the severe drought conditions.  Please practice campfire safety Campfire Safety | Smokey Bear.