The Cougar Peak Fire is currently burning approximately 15 miles northwest of Lakeview, Oregon. The Incident Command Post at the Lakeview Fairgrounds is closed to all but essential personnel to help ensure the health and safety of community members and firefighters.

Temperatures dropped significantly overnight, and snow levels will be around 6000-6500 feet today. Afternoon highs will only reach into the mid-40s to low-50s. The heaviest precipitation will be over by this morning, but there will continue to be scattered rain and snow showers this afternoon. Tonight, temperatures will be in the mid-20s. Tomorrow will start a warming and drying trend.


Smoke and wind-blown ash continued to be visible from the Cougar Peak and Patton Meadow fires yesterday, but containment lines on both fires remained secure. Around the southern boundaries of the Cougar Peak Fire, crews worked on backhauling equipment and repairing dozer lines. Little mop-up was needed, and the area mostly transitioned to patrol status. In the southwest, crews completed backhaul operations. Additional heavy equipment was brought into the area to support suppression repair. Patrols and mop-up continued in the northwest, and crews began ramping up suppression repair work. In the northern area of the fire, firefighters continued to construct and reinforce containment lines along the three small unsecured sections of the fire boundary, including the peat bog. The eastern area of the fire transitioned fully to patrol status with ongoing suppression repair in the southeast. Heavy equipment processed logs from the extensive hazard tree removal along access routes in the southeast.   Firefighters will continue to work on mop-up and line construction in the remaining unsecured areas of the fire. In most areas of the fire, today’s operations will shift more heavily into suppression repair. This week, many firefighters will “time out” as they reach the end of their 14-day dispatch, and the fire will downsize as missions are completed.

Hand Crews: 21
Engines: 29
Dozers: 5
Water Tenders: 16
Helicopters: 1

Evacuations All evacuation levels across the Cougar Peak Fire have been reduced to a level 1.
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