Local historical landmarks visible on Google Earth will be examined in an online program scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 28 by the Klamath County Historical Society.

“Klamath History as seen on Google Earth” will be presented by Klamath County Museum Director Todd Kepple, who will use photos and maps to point out sites around the Basin where human activity a century or more ago left marks on the land that can be seen in satellite images.

To sign up for the presentation on Zoom, send a request to bill.lewis1960@gmail.com.

Rock fences, abandoned railroads and wetland channels are among the types of land features to be shown.

“Long before bulldozers and modern earthmovers were invented, humans had a way of making their mark on the face of the earth in ways that have endured into the computer age,” Kepple said. “We’ll zero in on some historic sites that are actually easier to appreciate in satellite images than by standing next to them on the ground.”

For more information contact the Klamath County Historical Society at 541-882-1000.

The Pokegama log chute in the Klamath River Canyon will be located on Google Maps in an online program by the Klamath County Historical Society, slated for Oct. 28.