9AM Update: The first wave have come through around 1.1 ft (measured at Port Orford), and additional waves could be higher closer to 2.5 to 3 feet. Tsunami advisory continues until further notice – NWS Medford

At 8:26 pm PST on Friday evening, a volcano began to erupt near the Tonga Islands at 20.5 degrees south latitude and 175.4 degrees west longitude . A Tsunami Advisory is in effect for the west coast of the United States with tsunami waves of around 1 to 2 .5 feet of amplitude relative to normal sea level arriving along the Oregon and northern California coast beginning around 755 AM PST. The first of these waves may not be the largest. Widespread inundation is not expected, but move off the beach and out of harbors and marinas! Strong currents may be hazardous to boats and coastal structures.

Update 8:11am: Officials say this will be a prolonged event with multiple pulses occurring through the day and the highest wave heights may occur later in the day.

A volcanic eruption near Tonga has produced a tsunami overnight and officials have issued warnings for the entire west coast this morning. 1-3 foot waves are expected along with unpredictable currents. More information is available in our breaking news app where we have been covering this since it occurred.

tsunami warning panel

Here is the latest information:

Impact times for Oregon:

* Oregon
Port Orford      0755  PST Jan 15
Brookings        0800  PST Jan 15
Charleston       0810  PST Jan 15
Newport          0830  PST Jan 15
Seaside          0845  PST Jan 15

Public Tsunami Message Number 6
NWS National Tsunami Warning Center Palmer AK
728 AM PST Sat Jan 15 2022

 * A tsunami has been confirmed and some impacts are expected
 * A Volcanic Eruption has occured in the Tonga Islands
 * Please disregard earthquake parameters
 * Advisory level waves continue to be observed in Hawaii
 * Sea level fluctuations are beginning in Alaska and California


Tsunami Advisory in Effect for;

 * CALIFORNIA, The coast from The Cal./Mexico Border  to The
   Oregon/Cal. Border  including San Francisco Bay

 * OREGON, The coast from The Oregon/Cal. Border  to The
   Oregon/Wash. Border  including the Columbia River estuary

 * WASHINGTON, Outer coast from the Oregon/Washington border
   to Slip Point, Columbia River estuary coast, and the Juan
   de Fuca Strait coast

 * BRITISH COLUMBIA, The north coast and Haida Gwaii, the
   central coast and northeast Vancouver Island, the outer
   west coast of Vancouver Island, the Juan de Fuca Strait

 * SOUTHEAST ALASKA, The inner and outer coast from The
   BC/Alaska Border  to Cape Fairweather, Alaska (80 miles SE
   of Yakutat)

   Cape Fairweather, Alaska (80 miles SE of Yakutat) to Unimak
   Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of Unalaska)

 * ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, Unimak Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of
   Unalaska) to Attu, Alaska including the Pribilof Islands

 * Tsunami activity is forecasted to start at the following
   locations at the specified times.

SITE             OF TSUNAMI
----             ----------

 * Alaska
Adak             0600 AKST Jan 15
Shemya           0615 AKST Jan 15
Unalaska         0650 AKST Jan 15
Sand Point       0710 AKST Jan 15
Saint Paul       0735 AKST Jan 15
Cold Bay         0745 AKST Jan 15
Kodiak           0750 AKST Jan 15
Sitka            0755 AKST Jan 15
Elfin Cove       0755 AKST Jan 15
Seward           0815 AKST Jan 15
Yakutat          0815 AKST Jan 15
Valdez           0830 AKST Jan 15
Craig            0835 AKST Jan 15
Cordova          0840 AKST Jan 15
Homer            0905 AKST Jan 15

 * California
Fort Bragg       0735  PST Jan 15
Monterey         0735  PST Jan 15
Port San Luis    0740  PST Jan 15
Santa Barbara    0745  PST Jan 15
La Jolla         0750  PST Jan 15
Los Angeles Harb 0750  PST Jan 15
Newport Beach    0755  PST Jan 15
Oceanside        0755  PST Jan 15
Crescent City    0800  PST Jan 15
San Francisco    0810  PST Jan 15

 * Oregon
Port Orford      0755  PST Jan 15
Brookings        0800  PST Jan 15
Charleston       0810  PST Jan 15
Newport          0830  PST Jan 15
Seaside          0845  PST Jan 15

 * British Columbia
Langara          0830  PST Jan 15
Tofino           0850  PST Jan 15

 * Washington
Long Beach       0835  PST Jan 15
La Push          0845  PST Jan 15
Neah Bay         0850  PST Jan 15
Westport         0850  PST Jan 15
Moclips          0855  PST Jan 15
Port Angeles     0930  PST Jan 15
Port Townsend    0955  PST Jan 15