KLAMATH FALLS, OR – March 11, 2022 The Everyone Swims program provides all third-graders in Klamath County the opportunity to participate in a week of free swim lessons. Participants receive individualized instruction, develop skills, build confidence, and learn life-saving skills, all while having fun with their peers in the water.

Through a partnership of Sky Lakes Medical Center and the City of Klamath Falls, the Everyone Swims program makes an exciting return to Ella Redkey Pool this spring. All lessons will be conducted at the Ella Redkey Pool this April and May.

Klamath County third grader Kennedy S. was asked about participating in the Everyone Swims program and stated, “I am most looking forward to swim lessons being lots of fun and it will help me for the rest of my life.” Kennedy continued, “I am hoping to learn how to swim since I don’t know how yet.”

Sydney D., a local third grader shared. “I am most looking forward to going down the water slide and being at the pool with my friends. I am hoping to learn how to improve my butterfly and dive deeper.”

When Phoenix K. was asked about Everyone Swims , he responded, “The thing I am most looking forward to during swim lessons is learning how not to drown. I am hoping to learn how to keep underwater and not get water up my nose.”

Sky Lakes Medical Center and the City of Klamath Falls honor the legacy of Ella Redkey through the Everyone Swims program. Redkey strongly believed that every child should be water safe. Everyone Swims teaches youth how to protect themselves in the water in the event of an emergency and shares the fundamentals of swimming. The program consists of four 40-minute swim lessons over the course of a week.

For more information on the Everyone Swims program please visit, ellaredkeypool.com or email ellaredkeypool@klamathfalls.city.

Everyone Swims is subject to change dependent on COVID-19 precaution requirements and recommendations.