On 3/26/22 at about 1:25am, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) was dispatched to County Rd A-12 east of Grenada on the report of vehicle being shot at by subjects impersonating police officers. The victim reported she was pulled over by a white vehicle with red and blue emergency lights. When she pulled over two males exited the suspect vehicle and approached the victim vehicle. One of the males approached the driver side with a handgun drawn.

The man with the handgun tried to forcibly remove the victim from the car. When the victim sped away in the car the man with the handgun shot the vehicle twice. Fortunately, the victim got away unharmed and reported the incident to law enforcement. The male with the handgun was reportedly wearing a hat, a mask, gloves and jacket with a star on the chest that looked like a Sheriff’s Department patch. He also reportedly had a tattoo under his right eye. The victim was unable to provide further information on the second male due to the darkness.

The SCSO understands this is a very serious and alarming situation. We want to provide information on what to look for and information on what to do if motorists find themselves getting “pulled over” by a vehicle they suspect may not be a legitimate law enforcement officer.

• If possible, look for markers on the vehicle that indicate its law enforcement, such as a law enforcement star on the side of the door.
• Acknowledge you see the emergency lights by turning on your blinker or your hazard lights and reduce your speed.
• Call 911 if you think it may not be a legitimate law enforcement officer. Ask the dispatcher if there is a law enforcement officer conducting a traffic stop in your area.
• Consider pulling over in a well-lit and/or well-populated area. Good examples of areas to pull over are near gas stations, businesses or anywhere you see several civilians.
• If the motorist pulls over and is being approached look for clearly marked law enforcement attire such as a badge, agency patch, a name plate etc.

The SCSO does at times utilize unmarked patrol vehicles equipped with low profile emergency lighting, but they are typically deployed for special operations.

The incident that happened on 3/26/22 is the only incident of it’s kind that has been reported to the SCSO. This incident is still under investigation. We are asking for the public’s assistance in the matter. Anyone with information regarding this incident or similar incidents that have occurred is asked to contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 530-841-2900.