A new attraction at Lava Beds National Monument is set to begin construction this spring. A new roller coaster will take riders at high speeds into the Crystal Ice Cave. The project is being funded by the Biden infrastructure plan, that now classifies roller coasters as infrastructure.

In an exclusive interview, Ranger Rick Smith told Klamath Alerts there are many legal challenges to bringing a modern day amusement attraction to a setting like The Lava Beds. First, there is a limit to how much a cave can be modified and even the colors of the roller coaster equipment must match park guidelines. Then there are considerations for relocating bats whom have lived in the caves for thousands of years.

Park management choose the Crystal Ice Cave for the new amusement ride because they have been short-staffed and unable to provide guided tours of the cave in recent months. The new coaster will solve that problem by allowing guests to see the cave anytime they want with minimal park staffing.

The new coaster will give riders the sensation of free-falling into the cave on a high speed track. The coaster will gradually stop at the end of the cave.  Riders will then slowly be transported in reverse on the same tracks they came in on for breathtaking views of the ice formations.

Park staff are still in the process of naming the coaster. Construction is expected to begin soon, and the coaster should be completed and ready for riders by around September…if the project stays on schedule.

For more information about the Crystal Ice Cave and photos from inside the cave please visit The Lava Beds website here.


Update: We hope you all had a good April Fools Day yesterday, and we hope this fun post gave at least a few people, a much needed laugh.