The Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse should be visible here in Klamath Falls Sunday night. As of posting time, the NWS Medford is forecasting mostly clear skies during the time of the lunar eclipse. The eclipse will occur as the moon is low on our horizon so viewers may have to find a higher viewing spot or make sure you have a clear view to the Southeast.

Moonrise Sunday night will be at 8:16pm in Klamath Falls. At that time the eclipse will already be in progress, and the moon could be difficult to see while it is low on the horizon. Best viewing times locally should be between 8:16pm and 9:11pm.

Maximum eclipse is at 9:11pm and at that time the moon will be higher above the horizon making it easier to see.  For more information on viewing times visit here

The next full lunar eclipse will be November 8th, 2022. The red hue on the moon during the eclipse is caused by light from the sun scattering as the moon passes through earth’s shadow.