Wildfires and their impact on the wildland/urban interface are a major concern throughout Oregon. Within the boundaries of Klamath County Fire District 1, we are not immune from the threat of wildfire. Because we live, work and play in an area susceptible to wildfire we ask each homeowner to do their part in properly protecting your home from the threat of wildfire. By doing your part, you are helping make the entire community safer.

On July 8, 2022, Klamath County Fire District 1 will enact a High-Fire Danger Burn Ban within the District’s boundaries. This includes the area within the city limits of Klamath Falls and the suburban/rural areas of the District. Please visit the following site for a detailed map of KCFD1: https://kcfd1.com/fire-stations.


  1. All backyard or open burning (branches, yard debris, etc.).
  2. All commercial and agricultural open burning (agricultural wastes, crops, field burning, etc.).
  3. All other land clearing, slash, waste or debris burning.

Outdoor fires in violation of this burn may be immediately extinguished. If a fire agency is required to respond and be used actively or on a standby basis in connection with the extinguishment or control of a fire that has been started or allowed to spread in willful violation of this burn ban, the person responsible may be liable for the costs incurred by the fire agency in controlling, extinguishing or patrolling the fire, as well as legal fees per ORS 478.965.


What is the process to establish and manage “fire season” within a local Fire Agency/Fire Defense Board/County?

The Fire Chief or the County itself shall prescribe conditions upon which “open burning” permission is granted and which are necessary to be observed in setting the fire and preventing it from spreading and endangering life or property or endangering the air resources of this state.

The Fire Chief or the County itself has the authority to restrict all permitted “open burning” when there is a danger to life or property of another from fire.

Under ORS 476.380 (3) or 478.960(3), the issuance of an “Open Burning” permit by the Fire Chief or the County itself does not relieve the person who the permit was issued to from responsibility for providing adequate protection to prevent injury or damage to the person or property of another. If such burning results in the escape of fire and injury or damage to the person or property of another, such escape and damage or injury constitutes prima facie evidence that the burning was not safe.

The public will be notified when the burn ban is lifted. Visit https://kcfd1.com/ for more information.

Chad Tramp

Fire Marshal