On July 8th, 2022, members of the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office as well as their Search and Rescue team responded to a call of a missing child around the Chiloquin Water Tower area.

A search of the area was conducted and after an hour and a half of searching, Deputy Mark Borges located the child in the river holding on to a rock. Without hesitation, Deputy Borges waded out into the river where he rescued the child, then carried him back up the ridge to his pickup. A happy ending for family and individuals involved with the search.

The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office dispatched a number of deputies to the area along with members of the Chiloquin Fire and Rescue Fire Department. Chief Cook did an on-site medical check and the boy did not require additional medical treatment as he was uninjured. The communication between all agencies that responded was remarkable and contributed substantially to the success of this search and the safe return of the child.

The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank our deputies along with all partnering agencies who responded to this incident. Your commitment to your profession and displayed teamwork is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. We would also like to recognize Deputy Borges for going above and beyond to ensure the best possible conclusion.