The time of the incident on 9/6/22 was 21:43 Hours, not 09:43 hours.  


On 9/6/22 at approximately 9:43 hours, officers responded to the 1100 block of Pinecroft Avenue in response to a bear sighting. The resident reported a bear was in a tree in her front yard. Upon arrival, officers set up a perimeter and called OSP and ODFW for assistance with the incident. The bear was in the general area of the prior night’s attack incident. As officers were waiting assistance from OSP and ODFW, the bear started to climb out of the tree to flee. Officers on scene shot and killed the bear for the safety of the community. Per ODFW policy, a bear that is a threat to human life is not eligible for any relocation program. OSP and ODFW collected the bear for inspection and confirmed it was the bear from the prior night’s attack based on the investigative evidence.

On 9/5/22 at approximately 8:41 p.m., officers responded to the 900 block of N. Ross Lane for the report of a woman who was attacked by a bear. Upon arrival, officers learned the woman was in her backyard when a bear, estimated to be 150-200 pounds, rushed her and attacked her. The woman sustained non-life threatening injuries to her left arm and left leg. The woman’s dog intervened and was also attacked, but together, the woman and her dog were able to chase the bear off.

After the bear fled, it ran in front of a vehicle on N. Ross Lane and was struck and likely injured, but it fled from there. Oregon State Police Troopers from the Fish and Game Division responded to assist officers with an extensive search of the area for the bear, but it was not located. In addition, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified of the incident. Several additional calls came in throughout the night with sightings in that area. Please call MPD with any sighting information as soon as possible to ensure the safety of our community members.

If you happen to encounter a bear, we have included previous safety tips from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Make Noise- Raise your voice and speak firmly, yell and clap your hands.

Don’t Run- Do not run or make sudden movements. 

Back away slowly as you face the bear. It is never safe to approach it. 

Give any bear you encounter a way to escape.

If you’re on a trail, step off and slowly walk away.

If you see bear cubs, steer clear and leave the area immediately.

Black bear attacks are rare. In most cases, a bear will avoid human contact.

Fight back- in the rare event of an attack. Keep bear spray handy for quick access and practice using it. Be aggressive, shout, and throw tools, sticks, and rocks.