Klamath Falls, OR (October 17 th, 2022) – Grocery chain, WinCo, has recently begun performing due diligence in Klamath Falls to assess the feasibility of adding a new location to the region. Originally based out of Boise, Idaho, WinCo has continued to grow its footprint across several different states. With 138 stores and over 20,000 employees, the supermarket chain has proven successful, earning a strong reputation from customers for their low prices and bulk purchase options. The company is under contract to purchase a 11.5-acre site located at the corner of Shasta Way and Avalon Street.

Representatives at the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) spoke about the prospect of a new WinCo location, believing it to be an indicator of increasing economic momentum in the county. KCEDA CEO, Randy Cox, commented, “The growth of traded sector industry in the region is beginning to bring the economy to a place where it is more visible to highly recognizable retail brands, like WinCo. They are excellent stores and having a location here would be a great addition to our community.” Project Manager for KCEDA, Andrew Stork, talked about the organization’s work with WinCo and what role they will be playing during this exploratory stage, stating, “We have had positive talks with the company and believe there is a strong appetite for them to be here. The Klamath Falls market is becoming more capable of ‘checking the boxes’ these types of companies use as indicators for selecting areas. As they now work through due diligence on the site, we will play a supporting role to address development needs that may arise.”

Greg Goins, Vice President of Real Estate for WinCo, spoke about the company’s interest in Klamath Falls, stating, “We have been in ongoing discussions with KCEDA about the state of the economy and where its headed. The area’s activity is showing promise to a point where we are quite serious about the prospect of adding a Klamath location.”

According to figures provided by KCEDA, if WinCo proceeds with adding a location to the area, the development would add 120 new jobs to the area.