November 29, 2022, Sky Lakes Medical Center’s President and Chief Executive Officer, David Cauble announced and shared revised strategic priorities for the medical center. The strategic priorities, called Pillars, were revised by Sky Lakes senior management and the board of directors earlier this year.  

Together Sky Lakes leaders helped align a sound strategic path forward as they remain steadfast in their commitment to helping people live the healthiest lives possible. These Pillars are five priorities identified as important to community health and will inform the organization’s goals and initiatives.

Sky Lakes Medical Center Pillars


We are committed to the development of our people and continuously invest in their growth, and well-being.


We relentlessly pursue the highest quality performance and safest care in all areas of our health system.


We are known for our excellence, timeliness, and kindness in every encounter with the people we are privileged to serve. 


We invest our resources to achieve our mission to improve the health and well-being of the rural communities we serve.

Growth and Innovation

We are committed to innovation, collaboration, and growth that further s our commitment to impact the health and well-being of the rural communities we serve. 

Healthcare continues to change at a dynamic pace with the pandemic exacerbating longtime industry issues surrounding access to equitable care and staffing. “Building on the values and successes of our historic past, Sky Lakes’ new strategic future emphasizes health and wellness for all people.” Cauble said. “Sky Lakes has always been about people –from our patients and their families to our team members. This will never change.”

Cauble also announced that strategic initiatives tied to the new Pillars are underway and that they will be engaging with Sky Lakes team members to participate in the upcoming long-range strategic planning process.  “The pillars represent the foundation of our vision, providing strength and support as we create a healthier community together and we are excited to engage our staff in building our future” said Cauble.  

The new Pillars are an optimistic outlook on Cauble’s first year as President and Chief Executive Officer at Sky Lakes Medical Center.