Scene Photo – Medford PD

On December 14, 2022 at approximately 3:40 a.m. a Medford Police Officer in the area of In-N-Out Burger, located at 1970 Crater Lake Highway, heard an audible business alarm. Upon checking the area, Officers noted a broken window and a male inside the business. The male, later identified as 23-year-old Logan Carranza-Legarda, was arrested and lodged at the Jackson County Jail on criminal mischief and trespass charges.

On the same date, at approximately 12:40 p.m.Carranza-Legarda returned to In-N-Out Burger and began throwing rocks into the business windows. The male armed himself with a knife, entered the business, and menaced several people inside. The business was full of customers and employees who sought shelter under tables and inside bathrooms. Officers responded quickly and took the male into custody without further incident. There were no reported injuries. 

Carranza-Legarda was transported to the Jackson County Jail where he was lodged on the listed charges:

Criminal Mischief I

Disorderly Conduct II

Reckless Endangering (x6)

Menacing (x3)

Trespass II

Theft III 

Violation of a Release Agreement 

The Manager at In-N-Out, as well as the other employees and citizens inside the establishment, responded quickly and appropriately. Their response likely prevented any personal harm during this incident. 

The Medford Police Department would like to take this opportunity to educate the public on the “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol if involved in an active threat incident. 

Run- evacuate if possible and once you are safe, call 9-1-1. 

Hide- if escape is not possible, hide in as safe a place as possible. 

Fight- only as a last resort, if your life is in danger.