On December 8, 2022, Doug Brown and the Klamath Freedom Celebration volunteers came to Sky Lakes Cancer Treatment Center to make a donation. With this year’s contribution brings the total amount he has raised for the Sky Lakes CancerTreatment Center to $60,100.

Brown, joined by representatives of principal sponsors, presented Sky Lakes CancerTreatment Center Director Susan Morton, RN, a check for $14,000 to help local patients going through cancer treatment.

Doug and Chris Brown started the Klamath Freedom Celebration in 2010 with the vision to celebrate veterans, active-duty military, and first responders. Brown began raising money for Chris’s Causes for cancer treatment and care in 2016 after ChrisBrown died in March of that same year.

The Klamath Freedom Celebration’s fundraisers include a variety of community events throughout the year that support Sky Lakes Cancer Treatment Center. Some of these events include the Fourth of July Celebration, the Veteran’s Day parade, and the Chris Brown Memorial Ride-Walk-Run, as well as donations received via their website for Chris’s Causes.

Chris was a Sky Lakes cancer treatment patient in 2015 and 2016. Brown recalls that one day sitting in the treatment room Chris turned to him and said, “Look at all of these people here, all of them are scared, and I am too.” She went on to say, “WhenI beat this thing, I’m going to advocate for this center.” Brown is now carrying that on for her.

Brown keeps his donations local to support the community. “I can actually see what’s being done with the money and I’m proud of that.” Donations to the CancerTreatment Center stay local, providing comprehensive care without leaving Klamath.

The Cancer Treatment Center has a Renewal Suite for woman cancer patients on a journey to feel feminine again. This special Suite is a space where women can begin the process of finding a new identity under the new set of parameters that cancer has left them with. Women are given an opportunity to choose wigs, scarves, hats, and mastectomy bras with prosthetics free of charge with the help of generous donors. “Chris would have really liked supporting these women.”

These funds could not have been raised without the generous support of sponsors and volunteers who have helped at various essential events hosted by the KlamathFreedom Celebration. “Every sponsor is really stepping up to the plate. We don’t have a lot of volunteers, either, so I like to thank the ones I have,” Brown said, adding he’s always seeking more volunteers and sponsors for next year’s fundraisers.

This year the primary sponsors were Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union, ACE Towing,Cook’s Glass, On-Time Packaging and Shipping, and Dutch Bros.

For more information about the Klamath Freedom Celebration and Foundation and being a sponsor, donor, or volunteer visit KlamathFC.org.