Some Klamath Falls and Rogue Valley residents received emergency quake alerts from the 6.4 quake in Humbolt County, CA early this morning

Photo credit: Alicia McKee

A 6.4 quake shook Northern California early this morning at about 2:34am. Some residents in the local Klamath Falls area reported seeing shake alerts on mobile devices.

Other residents in Klamath Falls reported seeing lights and curtains move during the early morning quake.

Damaged bridge in Humboldt County, CA – CalTrans
USGS map of quake area
Aftershocks continue to roll in after the 6.4 quake early this morning
Over 71,000 customers are without power after the quake in Humbolt County

CalTrans has continued to inspect bridges and roadway infrastructure after the quake. The USGS reports damage near the epicenter.

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck near Ferndale, CA at 2:34 this morning, Dec 20 2022. Shaking was damaging near epicenter and widely felt in NorCal. @USGS_ShakeAlert issued alerts to cell phones throughout the region. Smaller aftershocks should be expected in the coming days. – USGS