January 19, 2023 – KLAMATH FALLS, OR The City of Klamath Falls Planning Division is proposing new rules and standards that would allow short-term rentals, also known as vacation rentals, within City limits. Short-term rentals are typically defined as dwelling units or bedrooms therein that are available for rent to any person or group of people for a period of less than 30 consecutive days.

The Community Development Ordinance (CDO) – the guiding document which governs all zoning and land use in the City – does not currently have provisions for short-term rentals within City limits. As City Code currently stands, short-term rentals are not permitted uses. City staff is however aware that numerous homeowners presently operate short-term rentals and many owners have inquired whether they can operate their homes, second homes, accessory dwelling units, or individual rooms as short-term rentals. Staff has also been contacted by citizens and neighbors of short-term rentals who have expressed concerns related to parking, noise, safety, and the availability and affordability of housing for long-term residential purposes.

In an effort to create balanced standards that would formally permit an increasingly common overnight accommodation type while also maintaining community housing availability and preserving neighborhood character, staff has researched short-term rental standards from cities throughout the state and has held several work session meetings with the City Planning Commission to discuss and review draft standards. The Planning Commission public hearing to consider draft short-term rental standards is to occur on Monday February 27, 2023, at 7 PM within the City Council Chambers located at 500 Klamath Avenue. At the hearing, the Planning Commission could make a recommendation to the City Council on whether to adopt, modify, or reject the draft standards. A City Council meeting with a public hearing would follow the Planning Commission meeting and be scheduled and noticed for a later date. Citizens are welcome to submit written testimony prior to the February 27 th meeting or to provide oral testimony in person at the hearing. Written and oral public testimony will also be accepted at a to be determined City Council meeting date.

Also for consideration at the February 27 meeting will be draft standards related to individual food trucks, food truck pods or clusters, and smaller-sized food carts. To view all draft documents that will be reviewed at the February 27 meeting visit the City’s CITY MEETINGS CALENDAR EVENT FOR FEBRUARY 27, 2023. The full Agenda for the meeting will be posted to the Calendar closer to the meeting date.