KLAMATH FALLS – Three Klamath Community College students recently received National HEP/CAMP Association Scholarships for the current winter term.

The $1,000 prizes are granted to students who have earned a high school equivalency within three years of their application date, and are currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning or equivalent training. The students receiving National HEP/CAMP Association Scholarships are Karla Rendon, Juan Barajas, and Dulce Mendoza.

Mendoza and Rendon completed their GED through KCC’s Klamath Center for Education and Training (K-CET) following English as a second-language courses under the HEP program. Barajas, who grew up in Klamath Falls, returned to KCC to complete his GED after a decade in the workforce. All three are actively enrolled KCC students.

The U.S. Department of Education HEP and CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program) support migrant and seasonal farmworkers, and their immediate family members, in attaining the equivalent of a high school diploma (HEP), and during their first year of college (CAMP). The National HEP/CAMP Association serves more than 6,000 students annually.

KCC’s HEP program is designed to support migrant workers and their families in earning their GED, and provides support for students to enroll and continue in post-secondary education or training programs, pursue upgraded employment, or join the military.

For more information about the KCC HEP program, visit www.klamathcc.edu/hep or call 541-880-2330.