SALEM, OR – Today, Representative Lily Morgan (R-Grants Pass) and Representative E. Werner Reschke (R-Klamath Falls) announced the introduction of HB 3549. It would reform Oregon’s drug laws broken by Ballot Measure 110.

“Everyone is frustrated with how Measure 110 has been rolled out,” Morgan said. “People thought they were voting for treatment. That is not what they are getting. We need to take the good, and throw out the bad. This legislation provides a tiered approach that is focused on treatment for those who want it. For those who don’t, there needs to be accountability.”

Measure 110 created a Class E Violation for hard drug possession in Oregon law. As of the end of February, law enforcement had issued 4,164 violations, nearly 20% of them coming from Josephine County alone. Only 34 individuals (less than 1%)  have had a substance use assessment.

“If a vote was held today, after seeing what it has done to Oregon, I have no doubt Oregonians would repeal Measure 110,” Reschke said. “It’s clear that this experiment in absolutely unencumbered drug use has failed. It’s time for some accountability.”

HB 3549’s tiered approach would keep Measure 110’s Class E Violation for the first offense with escalating accountability measures for subsequent offenses. The second offense would be a felony possession, with eligibility for conditional discharge. The third offense would be a felony charge with mandatory drug court.

“We must balance compassion and accountability,” Morgan continued. “Too many people are taking advantage of the current system. HB 3549 would reinstate consequences for those who avoid the help the state offers.”

The bill has been assigned to the House Committee on Judiciary and is awaiting a public hearing.