At Sky Lakes Medical Center, we are committed to serving the community. We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent care and positively impacting the well-being of our community.Art is one way we plan to illustrate our investment to foster a beautiful and thriving community. We will achieve this by installing art on the new Washburn Pharmacy. For this project, we hope that the art will reflect our community slogan of life, healing, and peace. The selected artist will be given some inspirational words to interpret in a creative, nonpolitical, and unbiased way. We aim to have something that will be positive and uplifting to the community.

The Washburn Pharmacy is a brand-new amenity in Klamath and we want to make a big splash with a framed mural that represents our community. We are looking for an artist that has experience doing large pieces and is able to work with the art selection committee through the process. The artist must be able to complete the art within a 7-week window.

The artist will be given $3500 as a stipend and for materials to be purchased. The artist will be chosen by a selection committee based on their application, mock-up design, and ability to execute the project. Sky Lakes asks that the artists respond to our organizational values, listed in the full project proposal and interpret them in a creative and artistic manner. We do not want words in the art, but imagery that exhibits our values, priorities, and investments in the community.

Artists will be asked to provide a final design and color palette that will be approved by the art selection committee. Artists are asked to apply online. This application must include: A letter of intent outlining any accomplishments as an artist, their interest in the project, a narrative description of the proposed design (maximum of 2 pages), one full color mock-up design, and examples of previous work.

Thank you for considering the Washburn Pharmacy Art Installation project, we look forward to reading your application. Want to learn more about the Washburn Pharmacy?

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