DOWNTOWN KLAMATH FALLS MAY 1, 2023 – KLAMATH FALLS, OR The City of Klamath Falls is considering a major change in the Downtown. Some of the traffic lights Downtown will be converted into two-way and four-way stops during a testing phase beginning June 1st of this year. The change will include putting flashing yellow and red lights on several proposed intersections.

The Downtown traffic signals have been under study to determine if removing and replacing them with two-way/four-way stops would have a safety benefit. With the signal modifications, the installation of curb extensions would also take place. This will shorten the travel distance across the intersection for the pedestrian and narrow the roadway. The original analysis called for pedestrian countdown timers and reflectorized back plates on the signals. The traffic study determined the signals are not warranted and it would be feasible to replace the signals with stop signs instead. Funding for this project is largely coming from the Oregon Department of Transportation’s All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS) program.

“The study we conducted looked at each signalized intersection in the downtown to see if these intersections met warrants. A warrant is a condition that an intersection must meet to justify a signal intersection. The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) identifies 9 warrants to justify the need for a signal,”  explained Public Works Director Mark Willrett.

Researchers collected traffic counts for both vehicles and pedestrians. None of the proposed intersections met the criteria for a traffic signal.

Citizen input will be crucial during the testing phase. In order to do this, a multi-month test will be conducted to collect data and see how the community responds to the change in traffic pattern.

There will be a great deal of outreach, communication with local media as well as social media and community groups. City Staff anticipates creating a survey or questionnaire to solicit feedback during the test phase as well.

If there are questions about the upcoming rollout of this Downtown traffic signal test, please email admin@klamathfalls.city or call (541) 883-5270.