The Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) announced today that beloved community tradition, the Klamath Basin Oktoberfest, is officially scheduled for September 23rd, 2023Whether you wear lederhosen or Levis, whats for certain is you wont want to miss this festival come fall. The event has had groundbreaking attendance in previous years, attracting between 2,0003,000 people on average, representing a welcome mix of local residents and travelers from regions throughout the West Coast. According to representatives of KCEDA, the event is on track to bring in recordhigh attendance.

Located at the Bill Collier Ice Arena on the Running Y Ranch & Resort, the event will take place on Saturday, September 23rd from Noon to 9pm. As a regional gathering, The Klamath Basin Oktoberfest is designed to bring the community and tourists together to celebrate the remarkable brew, food, and entertainment options that exist right here in Southern Oregon. In addition to the many notable vendors participating at the event, there is also a wide selection of family– friendly games and activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

After being awarded a Klamath County Tourism grant to help supplement some of the events budgetary needs, KCEDA staff is currently underway with event preparations. KCEDA CEO, Randy Cox, discussed the event, stating, “Our goal remains to have this event showcase Klamath County. We want to give visitors a real opportunity to experience the things which make our region special. This event would not be possible though without the support of the County Commissioners and our many sponsors. I encourage people to mark September 23rd on their calendar and preorder tickets. Premiere sponsors of the event are Swan Lake Energy and Nextera Energy.

For more information, including details on presale tickets, volunteer information, parking, and more, please visit or check the Klamath Basin Oktoberfests social media pages for regular updates surrounding the event.