Klamath Falls, July 11, 2023  Sky Lakes takes great pride in acknowledging and expressing our deepest appreciation to the remarkable graduating family residents who have completed their residency program with Cascades East.

Over the past 3 years, these exceptional individuals have played an integral role in our hospital’s commitment to excellence in patient care and education. Their unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and exceptional skills have left an indelible mark on the lives of countless patients, families, and colleagues alike.

During their tenure at Sky Lakes, our graduating family residents have exhibited exemplary professionalism, compassion, and a genuine commitment to improving the wellbeing of those they have served. Their ability to provide comprehensive, patientcentered care while working collaboratively within interdisciplinary teams has set a standard of excellence within our institution.

As our graduating family residents embark on the next chapter of their professional journey, we wish them continued success and fulfillment in all their future endeavors. We are confident that they will continue to make significant contributions to the field of medicine and touch the lives of countless individuals with their exemplary skills, empathy, and dedication.

We welcome Dr. Puffer, Dr. Schaefer, and Dr. Smestad as new medical providers at Cascades East. Their commitment to the Klamath Falls community extends the mission of OHSU Cascades East Rural Residency Program. They make up 37.5% of their graduating class staying in Klamath Falls. Thank you for choosing to serve the Sky Lakes community.


2023 Graduating residents

  • Alix Cooper, MD is going to Coastal Family Health Center in Astoria, OR
  • Ryan Dunkley, MD is going to Fond du Lac Clinic in Duluth MN
  • German Ferrer, MD is going to Coquille Valley Hospital in Coquille, OR
  • Amanda Kinley is going to Obstetric Fellowship Tacoma Family Medicine in Tacoma WA
  • Cole Puffer, MD is staying on at Cascades East
  • Carly Ritchie, MD is going to Community Memorial Hospital and Raiter Family Clinic in Cloquet MN
  • Jared Schaefer, MD staying on at Cascades East
  • Logan Smestad, MD staying on at Cascades East
About Cascades East.
Cascades East was the second family medicine residency to be developed in Oregon and accepted its first residents in July 1994. Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine administers and sponsors the program. It is a collaboration of OHSU and Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls. Eighty percent of residents who complete the Cascades East Family Medicine Residency Program go on to practice in a rural community. More than 70% of the primary care physicians who currently practice in the Klamath Basin are graduates of the program.