On 7/20/32 search warrants were executed at 27022 Lane Street and an unaddressed location on Adams St. in Sprague River, Oregon for illegal marijuana grow operations. The search warrants were executed by the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Basin Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team and Klamath County Community Corrections.  Support assistance was also provided by Klamath County Code Enforcement, Klamath County Solid Waste and the Oregon Water Resources Department.

Lane St: 
  •  5 Greenhouses
  • 2,339 plants including growing and harvested (drying) marijuana
  • 327#’s of processed marijuana
  • Irrigated by a domestic well   
 Adams St: 
  • 5 Greenhouses
  • 831 plants
  • No persons located on site
  • Evidence of the crime of Unlawful Use of Groundwater
One suspected grower was taken into custody.
  • Francisco-Cruz, Gonzalo (age 37)
  • Charges:Unlawful Possession of Marijuana
  • Unlawful Manufacture Marijuana
At the time of this release the value of the marijuana on the black market and volume of misappropriated water is being calculated.

Processed marijuana

Lane Street grow-site

Adams Street grow-site