Klamath Alerts offers our news audience a premium subscription service for “as-it-happens” breaking news information. The service operates on the Mighty Networks platform and is unique in that users can pick out the alert categories they are interested in and then follow them in the network.

Once you select and follow an alert group within the network, any new post in that alert group will appear on your news feed.

If you subscribe by the year, the cost is about $1.58 a month. The fees help Klamath Alerts recover operating costs for our expenses.

The network is currently hosted by 4 people who donate large amounts of personal time to the project to keep everyone informed. We have just recently celebrated our 5th year of service to the community.

Our breaking news network keeps you updated with local and regional fire information, police activity, road closures, traffic crashes, public safety alerts, and detailed weather information year round. The service contains much more detailed information and delivers the information sooner than other free services that are currently available.

The majority of our news information is posted within the subscription network. Alerts from our news service can be received on an iPad, iPhone, Android and smart watches.

If you are interested in staying up to date with local, regional and national news as it happens, please visit our Klamath Alerts subscriber page to learn more.

As always, Klamath Alerts will also continue to provide free news information here on our website as a public service to the community.