KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Klamath County Public Health (KCPH) officials determined this morning that there will be smoke from a variety of fires affecting different parts of the county through Wednesday.

“It is not unrealistic to say that all of Klamath County has the potential to see smoky conditions in the next few days,” said Director Jennifer Little.

The Golden Fire near Bonanza will continue to produce smoke that will potentially reach Bonanza, Beatty, Bly and Sprague River.

Northern Klamath County will see intrusion from the Bedrock Fire in Lane County.

The Klamath Falls area will see smoke from the Flat Fire in Curry County, which is moving eastward.

KCPH officials noted that weather conditions affect the air quality. There can be changes from moment to moment.

Locations of cleaner, cooler air spaces can be found at https://www.klamathcounty.org/1286/Cleaner-cooler-air-spaces.

Below are some suggestions for dealing with smoky air.

Stay indoors and keep indoor air clean. When the air quality is poor from wildfire smoke, reduce outdoor physical activity. As the air quality worsens you will need to go indoors and take additional steps to keep smoke out of your home to improve indoor air quality.

Reduce intake of smoke into your home. To keep indoor air clean and wildfire smoke from entering your home:

  • Close windows and doors when it is smoky outside. Track the air quality and open your windows for fresh air when the air quality improves.
  • Pay attention to heat and take steps to keep it cool indoors by closing curtains during daylight, using an air conditioner or fans. If it’s still too hot, open windows to avoid heat exhaustion and other heat illnesses.
  • Set air conditioners on recirculate to prevent intake of outside air.
  • Turn off fans that vent to the outside, like the one in your bathroom. Exhaust fans pull outside air in through cracks around windows and doors.

Check hourly air quality conditions at https://aqi.oregon.gov/ or https://www.airnow.gov/.