The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants on two different properties on August 17, 2023. Each is individually outlined below.


1) A search warrant was served at a location off of Bliss Road south of Sprague River, Oregon. A total of 1,907 plants were destroyed located in 10 plots of land. Using current Oregon prices for the product, the value of the illegal crop was estimated to have been worthmore than $11 million. The amount of water estimated to have been used was 1,029,000 gallons over the growing season. No persons were contacted at the location. Investigation into misuse of a residential well is underway.


2) A second search warrant was served on Meadow Lane, south east of Sprague River, Oregon. Two subjects were located and taken into custody. 908 illegal marijuana plants were destroyed in two separate greenhouses. The value of the illegal marijuana crop was estimated to have been approximately $5.25million. Approximately 490,000 gallons of water had been used to grow this illegal crop. Investigation into misuse of a residential well is underway.


Arrested at the Meadow Lane location were:


Anthony Charles Stone  (age 41)​​​Christopher David Mizzel​(age 50)​


Both individuals charged with:​Unlawful Possession of Marijuana

​​​​​​Unlawful Manufacture of Marijuana​


Klamath County Code Enforcement, the Oregon Water Master’s office, and Klamath County Solid Waste added additional resources in the eradication.