The Baldwin Hotel Museum will conclude its summer season on Saturday, Sept. 2.

A new display in the hotel lobby features vintage ladies’ shoes from the museum’s collection.

The display, titled “Shoes through the Century,” features shoes and ladies’ accessories that are normally kept in storage.

“Every year we like to get some of our clothing collection out for display,” said Todd Kepple, director of museums for Klamath County. “Most of these items remain in a box sitting on a shelf for years at a time, until they get rotated into a display.”

The Baldwin Hotel Museum will be closed through the winter months, re-opening on Memorial Day weekend next May. Group tours can be booked by appointment through most of the off season, by calling (541) 882-1000.

The museum will offer evening tours by special appointment later this fall.

Museum volunteer Kendall Wilson examines shoes to be used in a temporary display at the Baldwin Hotel Museum. The Baldwin’s regular season ends Saturday, Sept. 2.