October 5, 2023, KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Rick Hoylman, Program Director of the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology program at Oregon Tech, volunteered with the nonprofit radiology organization RAD-AID in August to provide education and training for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Tanzania and Kenya.

As the volunteer Program Director for the Nuclear Medicine division of RAD-AID, Hoylman spent three weeks improving access to quality medical imaging. His work with RAD-AID is part of a larger effort to improve healthcare in underserved areas around the world.

Hoylman is passionate about supporting education and training for medical imaging specialists, and he hopes Oregon Tech students and graduates will get involved in volunteer projects around the world.

“There is a great need for medical imaging specialists in many parts of the world, and RAD-AID is doing important work to address that need,” Hoylman said. “I encourage anyone who is interested in this field to consider volunteering with RAD-AID or other organizations working to improve healthcare in underserved areas.”

RAD-AID is a nonprofit organization that works to improve access to medical imaging and radiology in developing countries. The organization provides education and training for medical professionals, donates equipment and supplies, and supports research and advocacy efforts.

Hoylman’s work with RAD-AID is just one example of the many ways that Oregon Tech faculty and students are making a difference in the world.

For more information about RAD-AID and how to get involved, visit their website at https://rad-aid.org/.