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TSA Report: 4,239 total firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country.


The TSA has released it’s annual report showing a 7% increase in 2018 of firearms found in carry on bags being screened for flights. Just over 80% of the found firearms were loaded. If the TSA is finding this many firearms, it makes you wonder how many are actually making it on flights!

A total 813.8 million (813,791,287) passengers and crew members passed through TSA screening, with record-breaking screening numbers during the springThanksgiving and summer travel periods.

  • A record setting 4,239 total firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country, averaging 81.6 firearms per week. That’s an average of 11.6 firearms per day.
  • 3,656 (86.15 percent) of the total firearms discovered were loaded – another record.
  • 1,432 (33.74 percent) of the total firearms discovered had a round chambered.
  • The most firearms discovered in one month – a record setting 32 – were discovered in August at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
  • Firearms were intercepted at 249 of the 440 federalized airports.
  • That’s more than a 7 percent (282 more) increase in firearm discoveries from 2017’s total of 3,957.

TSA 2018 Year In Review

Below are the top 10 airports that led in firearm discoveries in 2018:

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): 298 – an increase of 53 compared to 2017 (253 loaded)
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW): 219 (193 loaded)
  3. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX): 129 (120 loaded)
  4. Denver International Airport (DEN): 126 (95 loaded)
  5. Orlando International Airport (MCO): 123 (112 loaded)
  6. George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH): 117 – a decrease of 25 firearms compared to 2017 (115 loaded)
  7. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL): 96 (80 loaded)
  8. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS): 93 (76 loaded)
  9. Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL): 89 (83 loaded)
  10. Nashville International Airport (BNA): 86 (80 loaded)

Firearms were not the only thing found! It’s interesting what people try to bring onboard aircraft! Fireworks, lighter fluid, grenades…..


Starting at the top left and moving clockwise:

  • Three smoke grenades were discovered in a checked bag at Nashville International Airport on Nov. 19.
  • An inert grenade was detected in a carry-on bag at McCarran International Airport on Nov. 27.
  • A bottle of lighter fluid was discovered in a carry-on bag of a passenger traveling from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Dec. 12.
  • Fireworks were discovered in the carry-on bag of a passenger traveling from Orlando International Airport on Dec. 13.
  • Five replica mortar shells were discovered in the checked bag of an Orlando International Airport passenger on Dec. 1. We had to stop baggage screening operations until an explosives specialist could respond and declare the items safe.


Anything resembling an explosive item is prohibited in carry-on and checked bags. If you are not sure if an item is allowed in your bag, check out our What Can I Bring tool, snap a photo and Tweet or Facebook Message us, call us at (866) 289-9673 or shoot us an email (pun intended).

We previously reported on a very handy TSA app that can help you decide what is allowed on your flight, and it can provide you with security wait times.

If you would like to read the full report visit the TSA 2018 year in review blog here.  Images for this post provided by TSA.



Protester Injured After Jumping In Front of Presidential Motorcade


Breaking National News

Breaking National News: A protestor is reported to be injured after jumping in front of President Trump’s motorcade outside The White House.

Details are not clear yet as this is a developing story.

Mobile breaking news alerts like this are available on our breaking news service. 

RT is reporting more about the Presidential Motorcade incident here. 

Guest Blog Post: Survival Prep -“January 27th”


“January 27”

As I sit down to write, I make note of today’s date;  January 27.  It was on this date in 1700 the last major Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake unleashed its energy on the Pacific Northwest.  It was one hundred years later when Lewis and Clark arrived at the mouth of the Columbia River.  At the time of the quake, the only residents were First Nations people and they had no means of conveying events to their descendants other than storytelling.  Some native stories tell of a giant wave that put canoes in the treetops and other tales of destruction caused by a gigantic shaking.  It is believed the landmass dropped by as much as ten feet during the event.  At the mouth of the Copalis River in Southwestern Washington is a salt water swamp containing several cedar stumps.  Conventional knowledge says cedar trees don’t grow in salt water, therefore the only logical conclusion is this grove of trees was once on higher ground and when the quake struck, the high ground dropped to sea level. An analysis of the growth rings on the trees narrowed down the date of the quake and confirmed suspicions.

The reason scientists know the exact date is because an “orphan tsunami” struck the coast of Japan on that date.  An orphan tsunami is one which has no earthquake associated with it.  Several fishing villages were wiped out and thousands of lives lost.  Later scientists were able to connect the data and determined the tsunami was caused by a Cascadia Subduction quake off the coast of Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

Seismologists have determined by taking core samples from coastal estuaries there have been some 41 large quakes in the region over the past 10,000 years.  That’s an average of one very major seismic event every 242 years.  If you do the math, we are now 319 years since the last quake making us several decades overdue.

Municipalities, county governments and state agencies are all making preparations to be able to survive the next big quake.  Private electrical utilities, along with many public entities, including the U.S. Postal Service, all have plans to quickly resume operations following a disaster.  One state agency planner I spoke with recently informs me their vehicles (and they have several) are now equipped with a disaster kit contained in a backpack.  Each pack includes items for shelter, safety, food and water.  The packs are evaluated yearly and various essential items are added.  In addition, every vehicle carries a comprehensive first-aid kit.  Most employees receive training and are certified in caring for the injured.

My point is, government agencies are taking the threat seriously.  Most communities along the coast have identified tsunami zones, escape routes and plans are in place to deal with the aftereffects of a large earthquake.  Every hospital is required to have disaster drills and most medical facilities have temporary tent-style shelters ready to erect when needed.  One hospital combines an annual drill with a free, drive-through flu shot clinic.  Not only are hospital staff trained in emergency procedures, the public is being conditioned as to where to go and what to expect.  While at the same time, getting a free flu shot.  All these things will save lives.

Send your questions and comments to  Previous columns are on my blog at  Dave Robinson is an author, pastor, and freelance writer.  His book, “Disaster Prep For The Rest Of Us,” is available on, barnesandnoble and other online booksellers.

Five Police Officers Shot In Houston Area

There are reports of several police officers shot in the Houston area. More details available at the link below.

Early reports are indicating 5 officers have been shot while trying to serve a warrant at an address in Houston.

Local media is reporting one suspect is dead and there are at least 2 other suspects possibly still barricaded after 5 officers were shot in Houston.

Possible deal emerging to end government shutdown.

Trump to make statement on government shutdown at 1:30 p.m. ET today – White House

Possible deal to end shutdown emerging according to The Hill.

Update: Congressional leaders, Trump agree to three-week stop-gap spending deal to end government shutdown, according to a senior House Democratic aide

Pres. Trump: “I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government.” Trump says he will sign bill to reopen government until February 15

President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Troops In Iraq During Surprise Visit

President Donald and First Lady Melania Trump have greeted military personnel at a dining facility during an unannounced visit to Al Asad Air Base, Iraq.

Speculation had built because President Trump’s usual Twitter activity had slowed and he seemed to be “unusually absent” according to some press reports.

The secret mission is President’s first visit to an active combat zone.

Additional information and a photo is available at Reuters News Service. 

The Must Have TSA Smartphone App For Airline Travelers

If you travel on airlines from time to time or are a frequent traveler you might be interested in this smartphone app from TSA. This app will let you search for items that are allowed to carry onboard an aircraft, as well as items allowed only in your checked bags. The app will also tell you what items are not allowed to bring with you at all.

The app also gives weather reports and app users at airports can report security line wait times. Another feature is the ability to “bookmark” your favorite airports by clicking on the star to the left of the airport name.

For more information about this app and to download it please visit the TSA website

With “MyTSA”, you can:

+ Quickly search which items you can bring with you through the checkpoint onto the airplane.
+ Request live assistance from TSA through the AskTSA social media integration.
+ Check how historically busy the airport will be on your specific day and time of travel.
+ Check crowd-sourced TSA security checkpoints wait times at the airport of your choice.
+ Add your own TSA security checkpoints wait time for others to see (NOTE: You must be at the airport in order to report wait times).
+ Check the delay information and current weather conditions at your favorite airports nationwide.
+ Consult the TSA Guide on how to prepare for and get through the security checkpoint quickly.
+ Discover which airports and airlines support TSA PreCheck®, and learn how to sign-up.

Memories of President Bush 41 and an inside look at the U.S. Navy Presidential Honor Guard


Memories of President George H.W. Bush and an inside look at U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard.

Above: Earlier yesterday morning, Air Force One waits on the tarmac in Texas to transport President Bush to Washington, D.C. 

With the media coverage over the next few days of the upcoming State funeral, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share my experience as a U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard for President Bush while he was in office.

You may have noticed the joint service military members (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) who are and will be carrying the casket of President Bush. They will also be posted as guards at the US Capitol while President Bush is lying in state. Those members are part of an elite group of the military known as “guardsmen” or ceremonial honor guards.

The honor guard is an elite unit consisting of members from each branch of the U.S. military. The unit is directly attached to The White House and President.

New Guardsmen Hand Picked From Boot Camp

Most new members of the honor guard are hand picked by special recruiters who usually select new members as they are in boot camp of the military service for which they enlisted. The recruiters have authority to change military contracts and orders. Most tours of the honor guard are between two and four years. Once selected, the new member will have their original military orders changed so they can complete the honor guard tour of duty.

Top Secret Security Clearance Required

Once selected, new members of the presidential honor guard undergo a very detailed background investigation that starts while they are still in bootcamp. Federal agents travel to the home town of the recruit and investigate all the way back to childhood. If the background investigation is favorable, the new member is issued a top secret security clearance.

Additional Bootcamp

New honor guard recruits complete additional boot camp style training when they first arrive at their respective honor guard command. The training includes precision march and drill techniques and training to stand for very long periods of time without moving. Also included in the training is detailed uniform care.

Joint Service and Local Service 

Upon graduation new members of the guard are assigned to a division within the local guard command. For the U.S. Navy, assignments include firing party, casket bearers, colors (flag bearers), and drill team.

Anytime there is a major function at The White House, Pentagon, or other location where honor guardsmen are needed they work with members from each military service. This is known as a joint service mission. You will be seeing a lot of these joint service missions in the news coverage during the upcoming memorial.

When there is no joint service mission honor guard members spend most of their time training or participating in military funerals in the local Washington, D.C. area.

My Experience: 

I was selected in my 3rd week of bootcamp. A recruiter invited me to attend a presentation where I was shown a video and information about the guard was presented to me. Once I agreed, the recruiter had my original military orders changed so that I could complete my newly assigned duty. I reported to Washington, D.C. in the fall of 1989 to start my honor guard training.

The training was intense and I remember having to endure hours of standing at attention while instructors tried various tactics to make us laugh or flinch. One of many methods used by instructors was employing a Gumby doll and the instructors would make voices for it and put it through amazingly funny situations only inches from your face. You didn’t dare crack a smile or you would find yourself outside running around the building and doing extra work after hours. I also remember standing for long periods of time at attention (sometimes two hours or more) and before breakfast while instructors played long games of chess in front of us.

After making it through the training I was assigned to firing party. We were responsible for the 21 gun salutes at funerals. My primary job was Navy funerals around the Washington, D.C. area when I wasn’t needed for a presidential function.

Working for President Bush 

The Honor Guard is directly attached to The White House, on call and ready to provide immediate services anytime they are needed. Anytime a State dinner or other high profile White House function occurs, the ceremonial guard is there.

I had the privilege of serving under President H.W. Bush for the majority of his time in office. One day after working at an arrival ceremony and an evening State dinner, President Bush jokingly told us to go ahead and take the rest of the night off after we had been working there all morning, day, and evening. His grin after saying that to us has stayed with me.


Above: President Bush inspects our unit on the White House front lawn during an arrival ceremony in the early 1990’s. 

I feel blessed and fortunate to have served in the honor guard for President Bush 41. Aside from what your political views might be, he was a good president to work for and he appreciated the work we did.

For more information about President Bush (and a really neat timeline) visit the George Bush Memorial Fund website. 

Article by Matt at Klamath Alerts 

Below: A video about the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard


New Facebook Friend Request Hoax Circulating

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 8.48.56 PM

The Friend Request Hoax 

A new Facebook hoax is now circulating around. Don’t fall for it. The latest hoax to hit Facebook involves a message saying you may have sent an additional friend request or your account might be hacked. Then it asks you to forward the message to others on your friend list, or post the warning on your wall.

Your Facebook account doesn’t have the ability to send out multiple friend requests to the same people you are already friends with. Although it is possible for someone to copy your photos available to the public and clone your account, your account doesn’t send out automated duplicate friend requests with your real profile.

If you get any message asking you to forward or repost the warning just delete it and maybe send a link to this article to your friend. It’s just someone with too much time on their hands trying to get a chain message forwarded through Facebook.

As always, you can verify there are no clone accounts of your profile by searching your own name on Facebook. If you find a clone account of your profile just report it to Facebook.

Anytime someone asks you to forward a message, it’s a definite red flag and should be deleted.

by Klamath Alerts


Series of powerful ocean earthquakes today in South America region.



Two powerful earthquakes occurred earlier today in the South America region.  The first just after noon pacific time today was a M6.3 and was located to the east of South America in the Visokoi Island area.

A second M6.2 about three hours later was located west of South America.

Klamath Alerts sends automated notifications to our Facebook page for any earthquake world wide that is over a M6.0 for those of you who track earthquake activity. There can sometimes be an hour or two delay for the automated posts.

The National Tsunami Center issued a statement that these two quakes did not pose a risk of tsunamis.

Note: The lines on the images above represent fault lines. 

How to avoid spreading the flu at work


It’s flu season, which means you know the drill: If you get sick, stay home from work. But what if you have a big meeting, or an important deadline?

“Most people know they should stay home, but still find reasons to go into work,” said Liz Hill, SAIF’s Total Worker Health® adviser. “Not only does this expose your co-workers to an illness, it also makes it a lot harder for your body to recover.”

Hill suggests managers can help set expectations during flu season. This includes:

  • Encouraging workers to use their sick leave. Oregon law requires employers with 10 or more employees to provide 40 hours of paid leave per year.
  • Making it easy for workers to wash their hands. Consider having alcohol-based hand sanitizer available on worksites where handwashing facilities are not available.
  • Planning for flu season. When employees are out, extra work can fall to other staff members—increasing their likelihood of getting sick or injured. Have a contingency plan for being short on employees.

Most importantly, managers should lead by example.

“It sometimes seems managers are the least likely to take a sick day,” said Hill. “Remember, you are setting the tone for the whole team—if you get sick, stay home.”

For more information on flu prevention at work, visit


Be on the lookout for holiday scams this season


The holiday season has begun and, unfortunately, every year we see a rise in financial scam, especially in regard to charities. Scammers often use organization names that sound much like reputable and real charities. Ask for the exact name of the entity and do some research before you donate. Do not let the caller rush you into making a decision. If you donate, pay by credit card or check and keep a record of your donation. Make sure you are only charged for what you donated and not that you’re signed up for a recurring donation. 

These websites provide helpful information about charities:

~ Press release from the Department of Justice 

Mass Shooting Thousand Oaks California

At about 11:20pm last night a gunman opened fire at Thousand Oaks Nightclub in the Los Angeles area. The club was hosting a college country night for students.

Reports indicate up to 12 people or more have been killed including a 29 year veteran sheriffs deputy. The gunman is also reported deceased. He was reported to be armed with a handgun.

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