Dog Bite Victim Seeks Public’s Help

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On Sunday evening at about 6:00pm the victim (name withheld by request) was walking his dog near Conger Park.

A male in a black SUV stopped and let four pit bulls loose out of his vehicle. The dogs ran to the victim and attacked him and his dog.

Both the victim and dog are ok but one of the pit bulls had to be forced off of the victims dog. The victim and dog were both bit.

The suspect who had let the four pit bulls out earlier, gathered the dogs and left the scene. The suspect did not leave any contact information with the victim or check on his injuries. The victim was bitten multiple times.

This incident was reported to animal control.

If you know of a male that drives a black SUV with four pit bulls (white with black markings) please notify animal control.

Article by Klamath Alerts



  • It is people like this gentleman, and the way he has raised his pit bulls….That give Pitties a bad name…I am sorry for the gentleman and his dog who were attacked.

    • It’s the genetics of pit bulls, (bred to take down a bull in a pit…HELLOOOOO) that causes the deeds inherent in the breed. Pits are wonderful, until they’re not. They are the most prolific dog-mauler murderers on the planet. Pit and Run is typical with low-life pit owners who act surprised when pittie goes “game” and follows his innate prime directive. It’s Pitties that give Pitties a well deserved bad name.

  • That’s no ‘Gentleman”. that was a thug who let those pits loose. A Gentleman would never do that. Learn the difference.

  • Pit bulls don’t have to be “raised his pit bulls….That give Pitties a bad name…” as it’s in their genetic make-up. I’m a Pit bull victim too. The Pit that suddenly killed my shy leashed 12-yr-old Afghan, belonged to a nurse & played well, in our public park for 8 years. Without warning, he ran across the park, grabbed my shy Amber by her neck, (ripping the leash from my hand) flung her to the ground, and began crushing her neck. WHY? …so many of these sudden, unwarranted, Pit bull attacks can only be explained by their genetics & prey instinct. They were bred to attack and fight to the death. I sued the owner for the vet bills trying to save
    Amber’s life. $6,000.00+ but it didn’t bring my girl back or take the horror from my brain

  • I do know the difference…I am sure there are posting rules, therefore my terminology

  • typical pit bull owner , doing a pit-and -run

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