Our summer like weather is going to come to an end tomorrow. A low pressure system is forecast to begin impacting our area starting Thursday afternoon.

Cool and wet air with instability will mix with our record breaking heat to possibly create some strong to severe thunderstorms. Klamath County has areas of marginal risk for severe thunderstorms that can cause damage. Keep in eye on the sky if you plan to be out Thursday afternoon.

From the NWS:

A change from hot, dry conditions is expected tomorrow as showers and thunderstorms enter the forecast. Showers will extend across most of the area. Otherwise, thunderstorms will be possible tomorrow afternoon for all areas highlighted in green. The storm prediction center has also put portions of our forecast area in a marginal risk for severe storms. This means that a few, isolated storms will be capable of producing strong, gusty winds of 60 mph and small hail. The area that this is most likely is along and east of the Cascades as shown in the darker green color. Any thunderstorms will also produce occasional, dangerous lightning strikes. If you are participating in outdoor activities tomorrow, make a plan now so you can go inside as soon as you hear thunder. Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors.

More information at http://www.weather.gov/medford

By Klamath Alerts