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Do you have an uncontrollable craving for a donut that can’t be quenched without actually eating one? Is it so bad that you would lash out against people on social media?

A major donut shortage has struck Klamath Falls. People in town simply cannot get enough donuts!  “The Doughnut House” opened it’s doors last Monday May 14th and has since been overwhelmed with demand for fresh warm donuts. So overwhelmed, they have had to close hours ahead of scheduled closing times because they simply cannot keep enough of their in demand products available. The Doughnut House is currently closed over the weekend so they can spend the time planning and expanding the operation to increase capacity for the next scheduled opening on Monday.

The donut shortage has brought out the grouch in many people who have lashed out on Facebook in various pages and groups complaining about the lack of donuts throughout the day in Klamath.

The owner of Green Blade Bakery has offered to help his own competition (The Doughnut House) with their renovations this weekend and even offered to help them make donuts to meet the demand:

“Please let us know if there’s any way we can help you all out over there, either with your renovations this weekend or just in general. We’re pretty handy in a bakery kitchen. 

We feel bad about some of the bs you’ve had to put up with during your opening week, and we don’t want you or anyone else thinking that a few entitled malcontents in any way represent the character of the good people in this community. We’re rooting for you, and we can’t wait to get us a box, because we love donuts.

Blessings, from Green Blade. 


This past week local Restaurant Starvin Marvins made a batch of donuts to help assist with the local donut shortage emergency.

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Courtesy Starvin Marvins (Fair Use Act)

In the meantime, please reflect on the bigger things going on. This week alone we saw school shootings, a major plane crash in Cuba, more damage in Hawaii from the volcano, and an array of other bad news. Not being able to get a donut is a small thing. So small, it’s not worth lashing out at people over it. Supply will be adjusted to meet demand. It might take a few weeks for the bakery to adjust production accordingly, but they will get there.

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